What is healing?  Healing describes many forms of alternative and complementary medicine.  Generally these help the recipient relax and release energy or thoughts that are no longer needed.  This releasing results in shifts in their lives – in their health, relationships, careers, finances, and other areas.

The healing I do involves accessing energy from the Universe.  The energy passes through my hands and to the person I’m working with.  This energy supports the person in releasing energy that no longer serves her/him.

During a typical session I work with the person’s connection to the earth, the aura (the energy field that surrounds the physical body) and with energy centers and channels in the body.  My psychic abilities and guides help me to see energy cords and energy pictures (limiting beliefs and stories), so that we can clear these.

If you have questions about my healings or want to schedule a healing or FREE Clarity Session (which includes a 15 minute healing or reading), contact me as described here.



I don’t only use Reiki in my healing anymore. (pronounced like: ray kee)  But, I am a Reiki master.  Reiki was a great first step for me and so I do also teach Reiki 1 classes for adults and children.  If you have questions about Reiki or want to schedule a Reiki 1 class, contact me as described here.