Pink Rose

Often people ask if I talk to dead people during my clairvoyant readings.  I don’t, I actually ask them to leave.  I have had some training with this type of reading but was never really comfortable with it.  In my readings, I look at your energy field (aura) and see what energies are “lit up” right now.  We also look at your true energy, to say “Hello” to your magnificence.  To me, this is so much better than talking to Grandma or Uncle Bob.

Reading the energy that’s “lit up” gives us an opportunity to see what is impacting your decisions and how you are doing things.  Sometimes it’s a belief or story that’s been passed to you from a Mom or Grand-dad or other ancestors, from teachers, from society.  Looking at this is the first step to being able to clear it and make changes in your life.

In the readings, I will read energy first as a color.  Then I’ll read a picture – this may be something that is really happening or that did happen OR it could just represent that energy.  Sometimes I will look at a rose in addition to or instead of the picture.

These readings can be done in-person or remotely.  For readings that are done over a distance, you’ll need a computer and preferably a headset with earphones and a microphone.  (Some tablets and phones also work with the software I use.)

I follow a specific format for 50 minute readings and I offer some 20 minute readings (which change periodically).  In each reading I will read some information based on the format you choose and you’ll have time to ask questions.

If you have additional questions about the readings or would like to schedule a reading or a FREE Clarity Session (which includes a reading or healing) please contact me as described here.