What are people saying?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Julie’s work a couple of times over the years. The first time was over 2 years ago and wow, was I blown away. Most recently, I sought her out for energetic work to address a rocky relationship with my mom.  This is a relationship that I have been consciously upleveling on my end for over 15 years, yet the shift after just one hour of work with Julie was profound!  I have countless examples of how her intuitive skills were corroborated by what I was feeling on my end. She worked with my energy, my aura, and my chakras from afar (I live in North Carolina). I am forever grateful to Julie for the change she has helped create on my end and for sharing her incredible gift!”
~ Emily G. ~


Julie is a gentle and kind soul who has been blessed with the gift of amazing empathy and intuition.  With Julie’s loving guidance, I was able to transform my fear and anxiety into acceptance, love and joy. I literally felt light, happy and free amidst all the chaos going on around me.  I highly recommend Julie. She is sincere and genuine, and has a deep desire to help others let go of what’s keeping them from moving forward in life.”
~ Samantha G. ~


Julie Fischer is an amazing healer and a wonderful teacher.  Working with Julie, I’m beginning to understand energy healing and small things that I can begin to do with my students and clients to help them shift their energy. Julie is incredibly patient, a wonderful listener, and a wealth of knowledge about energy healing and spirit guides. I always feel refreshed and excited after spending time with her.
~ Caroline S. ~


When I first encountered Julie’s energy she was sitting next to me at a large convention.  I sat for several moments encompassed by her calm, soothing energy before I finally introduced myself.  Later that weekend I had the privilege of a healing session with Julie.  The experience was magical.  During the short time I felt a wave of emotions and tears began to stream down my face as I released blocked energy.

 Afterwards Julie mentioned that my left side (my receiving side) was blocked.  This was not news to me, I had been having problems with my left arm and shoulder for several months.  My arm would go numb every night while I was sleeping and I would get sharp pains in the back on my left shoulder.  The numbness has since gone away and I am still working on learning to receive.
~ Melissa B. ~