Hormone Cure

Are your hormones out of balance?  Download this questionnaire to check.  For a free follow-up session, contact me through the link in the questionnaire or contact me here.

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“Modern women face an unacknowledged epidemic of hormonal imbalance.  Unremitting stress, superwoman expectations, and misinformation about hormones have led to a full-blown crisis. We are offered crash diets, sleeping pills, or anxiety medication. Now, one in four women in the United States takes a prescription medication for mental health reasons, the majority of which are women aged forty and older. Doctors lead us to believe that this is just what it’s like to get older. We’re told that it’s normal to feel fatigued, anxiety ridden, unsexy, fat, and cranky.

That’s not true.  It’s not normal.”

~ Dr. Sara Gottfried, The Hormone Cure 

The Hormone Cure